10 Top Study Abroad Consultants with Contact Information

Are you a student from a different country who needs help in the process of international admission, study visa residency permit, international enrollment, and scholarship processing? If yes, we can help you; get in touch with one of the top ten overseas studies overseas advisors who specialize in assisting international students in turning their goals into a reality.

Today we’ll examine the various consultants that international students who would like to study abroad may contact to advise when, when, and where to pursue their studies abroad.

Examining Reputable Study Abroad Consultancy Agencies with Contact Information

These agencies assist you in applying for grants and scholarships, admission, and visas and provide various services. They can also help you with the best program to choose from and career options, and the university and country.

Certain agencies hire students only from their own countries, while some recruit international and local students. Some offer complimentary consultation services. They charge unspecified fees in exchange for services.

1.) IDP Education Consultancy Service

IDP is an education organization situated in India. They assist mostly Indian students in securing acceptance and scholarship opportunities to go abroad. It is essential to inquire with IDP if they can help students from other countries. They might be a little more expensive than local students if they can do it.

They provide the following consultancy services:

  • Counseling
  • Advice on course
  • visa application
  • scholarship application
  • Admission processing
  • IELTS Online Test
  • Free consultation

They assist students in securing admissions to the following countries:

Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland. Students from both undergraduate and graduate levels are welcome; reach out to them by calling 1800-102-2233 between 9 am and 7 pm every day.

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2.) SICAS Consulting Agency

It is an agency for education located in China, and they assist international students from all countries in gaining admission to every university within China. 

They provide the following services of a standard consultant;

  • Application to admission and monitoring
  • Admission letter to the student
  • Accommodation booking
  • Scholarship application.

They also provide one-for-one consulting services that include

  • Study abroad planning
  • Services for ensuring admission
  • Airport pick-up
  • Transfer service to universities
  • Future career advice.

3.) IES Study Abroad Consultant – Institute for International Education of Students

This is a non-profit institution in that the resources they accumulate are given back to students through aid and scholarships.

It’s your top organization for studying abroad. They partner with various institutions in the UK and abroad to provide top-quality services for international students.

The organization is a school and an agency for study abroad consulting. They work with various schools to provide specific programs.

The consulting services they provide include:

  • Internship placement
  • Admission Processing
  • Scholarships and financial aid
  • Training in health and safety
  • Professionally-certified training for certification

They primarily work in partnership in partnership with US Universities. They aid students from around the world get admission to American Universities.

Official website; abroad

4.) Student Travel International

This is among the study abroad agencies that operate in Nigeria. They help students from Nigeria get admission to colleges across Ireland, Canada, South Africa, the UK, Malaysia, Dubai, and the USA.

They charge an unspecified fee for their services.

Website- http://www.stinigeria.net.

5.) Kampus Konnekt49 Study in Germany Consultant

This is an online study in Germany consultation service and an online social networking platform for students who want to pursue their studies in Germany to connect with others who are already studying in Germany.

They aim to help bridge the educational and sociocultural divide between African and German young people through sensitization and education. The group was founded by Solomon Eko, Adewale Adeoye, and Vincent Filani, three dynamic young men who realized the possibilities that lie when it comes to promoting German culture and language well-known in Nigeria, particularly at schools and universities.

The project’s initial phase was kicked off in September 2009 at the University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria, with the club’s opening in collaboration with Goethe Institut, the German cultural institute located within Lagos, Nigeria. Alongside Goethe Institut, the Goethe Institut, training and exchange programs were arranged to raise awareness about what it takes to be a student in Germany and the numerous unique opportunities in the German educational system.

Today Kampus Konnekt49 is in a position to help a variety of African students to fulfill their ambitions to study in Germany. It was only intended for Nigerian pupils; however, the scope of its services has expanded to every African country.

They provide the following services:

  • Studies in Germany Consulting
  • Basic German Language Instruction
  • German Migration & Diaspora
  • Translation
  • Social Networking
  • German Student’s Academic Exchange

6.) ISEP Education Consultancy Services

The agency makes studying abroad affordable. They seek international students, interns, and volunteers for their programs that span more than 50 countries across the globe.

Anyone who is an international student can be qualified for the service.

They provide the following services:

  • Internship placement
  • Student exchange
  • Direct admission
  • Volunteer programs
  • Summer programs etc.

If you’re looking for affordable education, you can contact ISEP by email or phone number: 1-800-703-504-9960. 7.) CIS Study Abroad Agent CIS provides summer, internship, and study abroad programs for college students. They can attend Universities in 19 different countries, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Asia, South Africa, and Hawaii. Consult CIS Abroad if you wish to study in any of the above-listed countries by visiting their official website http://cisabroad.com. 8.) Bowell Educational Services Limited is A Nigeria-based agency based in Lagos. They recruit Nigerian students to universities across the USA, Russia, Georgia, Malaysia, China, Bulgaria, Romania, Canada, Lithuania, Ukraine, Cyprus, UK, Singapore, and Moldovia. Consult them today through their official website http://www.bowelleducation.com.ng. 9) Emion Placement Resources Limited If you’re a Nigerian student seeking admission to a foreign university located in India, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Cyprus, Malaysia, Netherlands, UK, etc., contact Emion. Their services are unparalleled. 10.) CEA Education Consultant This organization helps international students gain admission to Argentina, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, and Spain. They also aid you with grants and scholarships. They can also assist with processing visas as well as accommodation. Check out the official website to know more about their fees and what you can expect from them. Please Share the Information

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