7 Free Universities in Berlin for International Students

Free Universities in Berlin

The German capital city of Berlin is among the largest cities within the European Union. Berlin is, without doubt, the epicenter of culture, politics, media, and, of course, education. Berlin is located in the heart of Germany and is host to some of the most prestigious universities around the globe. Many of them are offered for free to international students as well. If you’re considering taking advantage of Berlin’s tuition-free learning, be sure to apply to one of these completely free schools located in Berlin. Helpful Articles

  1. Freie Universitat Berlin (Free University of Berlin)

The first university on our list of free universities located in Berlin includes the Freie Universitat Berlin – also called FU, known as FU Berlin. It was established in 1948 in the now-defunct West Berlin. It was initially regarded as the “western” part of Frederick William University. 

FU Berlin offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the undergraduate and doctoral levels in Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Earth Science, History, Law, Business & Economics, Mathematics & Computer Science, Education & Psychology, Philosophy & Humanities, Physics as well as Politics, Science, Medicine, and the Veterinary Medicine. The departments are located on the various FU Berlin campuses in Dahlem, Lankwitz, Duppel, and Benjamin Franklin.

FU Berlin is one of the numerous German universities that do not charge tuition charges (except for certain expenses or fees) for bachelor’s degrees. Some postgraduate programs do, however, require an additional cost.

  1. Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin (Humboldt University of Berlin)

Humboldt-Universitat Berlin or HU Berlin is an institution of public education situated in the borough of Mitte. Established in 1810, it was initially known as The University of Berlin. It was earlier named Friedrich William University. In 1949, the university was officially given the name and was dedicated to Prussian intellects, Alexander and Wilhelm Von Humboldt.

HU Berlin, a free university located in Berlin for international students, provides postgraduate and undergraduate courses through its nine faculties: Law, Math & Natural Science, Life Science, Medicine, Philosophy (I & II), Humanities & Social Science, Theology, and Economics & Business Administration.

HU Berlin had Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrodinger, and Max Planck as its faculty and has many students from abroad. 18% of the students are from abroad, equivalent to more than 6000 students.

  1. Universitat der Kunste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts)

Universitat der Kunste Berlin, often referred to simply as UdK, is one of Berlin’s four research universities. Dedicated to design and art, It is the largest of this kind (of art school) in Europe.

Its beginnings can be traced to 1696, known as an Academie der Mal-, Bild- und Baukunst, which later became The Prussian Academy of the Arts. The merger of two art institutes in 1975 resulted in the establishment the Hochschule der Kunste Berlin. Then, in 2001 the original HdK was awarded full university status.

UdK is currently the home of four colleges that provide postgraduate and undergraduate studies in fine arts media and design music, architecture, and music.

Like many free universities located in Berlin, UdK only levies an amount of 320 euros per semester per student. Students in Music or Performing Arts also have to pay an additional charge of 30 Euros to complete the admissions procedure.

  1. Technische Universitat Berlin (Technical University of Berlin)

TU Berlin, also known as the Berlin Institute of Technology, was established in 1770 under the Konigliche Bergakademie Berlin (Royal Technical Academy of Berlin). Being one of the first institutions to be given the title of ‘technical college and TU9, the TU9 institution is regarded as one of the top technological institutes in Germany.

The TU Berlin campus is primarily located Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, though are several other branches nestled in Berlin. All the properties make up 604,000 sq.m. of land.

The free university of Berlin is divided into seven faculties: Humanities & Educational Science, Math & Natural Science, Process Science, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering & Transport, Planning Building Environment, and Economics & Management.

TU Berlin is the largest country with an international student population of 26% – that’s 5,900 students total.

  1. Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft (University of applied sciences for Economic and Engineering)

HTW Berlin, next on our list of free universities located in Berlin, is the most prominent school of applied sciences in East Germany. Although it was officially established around 1994, the institution can trace its origins to Technical School for Demontage, Montage, and Design, founded in 1874.

HTW Berlin has two campuses within the city. The first is the Treskowallee branch, considered the school’s main campus.

 The other branch is the Wilhelminenhof branch, located in the southeastern region of Berlin.

Similar to TU Berlin, HTW Berlin is split into five numbered faculties. They include The School of Engineering – Energy & Information and Technology & Life and the Business School, the School of Computing, Communication, & Business, and the School of Design & Culture.

True to its goal of internationalization, HTW Berlin offers 5 English-taught programs for its prospective international students.

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  1. Beuth Hochschule fur Technik Berlin (Beuth University of Science and Technology Berlin)

Established in 1823, BHT Berlin is the second-biggest university of applied sciences in Berlin. Its origins go in the Royal Academy for Gardening, first established in 1823. The academy was later renamed The Beuth Academy for Engineering in Berlin before adopting its current name in 2009.

BHT Berlin is home to one faculty (Economics and Social Science) and seven departments. The departments deal with research in Math, Physics, & Chemistry, Civil Engineering & Geography, Architecture & Building Technology, Life Sciences & Technology, Computer Science & Media, Electrical Engineering & Mechatronics, and Mechanical & Process Engineering.

As with many public university institutions across Germany, BHT Berlin is tuition-free for students from abroad. International students pay only an amount of 300-400 euros each semester.

  1. The Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee (Weissensee Academie of Art, Berlin)

Our list of universities for free is located in Berlin by mentioning the Weissensee Academy of Art Berlin. It was a school that was founded in the year 1950. The students here must take a year-long course to master the fundamentals of design and art. Then, they can choose between the specifications offered by the college that offers diplomas in Design (Product Design, Fashion Design, Textile & Surface Design, and Visual Communication) or Art (Fine Arts – Painting, sculpture, and well as the Stage & Costume Design ).

Despite being a small school, however, even though it’s a tiny school Weissensee Academy of Art Berlin has a very diverse student body. As of now, the school has enrolled 30 percent of its students from all over the world.

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