Best 20 WUE Schools and what you need to know About them

What you need to know about the top 20 WUE schools

This post will help educate you if you are not here by accident and want to see a list of WUE schools and important details. You should be aware that WUE stands for Western Undergraduate Exchange System; this is a platform that was created in order to provide financial assistance in the form of reduced tuition fees.

There’s no need to look for information about WUE schools as this article has been prepared to answer essential questions about WUE, including providing a comprehensive list of all the schools in the Western exchange system for undergraduates

Keep in mind that these WUE schools provide students with the option to attain their academic goals without having to spend a lot of money on tuition and other school-related expenses.

We all know that universities are becoming more selective than they were a few years ago, and this selectivity has had an impact on tuition fees. In order to provide students with opportunities to achieve their academic goals regardless of school selectivity and high tuition fees, the Western Undergraduate Exchange System was established.

To give you a peripheral insight of what the Western Universities Exchange System (WUE) is all about, we can say that this is a system where public western universities come together and reach an agreement to provide students coming from a state where the universities are located a reduced tuition fee to what they are supposed to pay as tuition fees.

What is WUE?

The Western undergraduate exchange is abbreviated as WUE; this is a program that an Inter American commission manages for Western higher education simple known as (WICHE), and it is focused on one goal, which is to reduce tuition for students coming from outside the State studying in any of the Western institutions’ programs.

This is not a program offered to people only financially disadvantaged; the program does not pay attention to how much an individual has as it is a program focused on reducing tuition fees of a student who is studying in a university among the Western Undergraduate Exchange.

To fully understand this, you need to know that if you are from a particular state, you need to study outside your State and in a university among the Western undergraduate exchange to enjoy this privilege.

WUE will offset a significant percentage of a student tuition fee. Up to 150 percent of the state tuition fee. A student is allowed to pay only 150% of the tuition fee from 300%.

For example, if you’re from California, you have to pay 5742 dollars for tuition in California, but if you are from outside the State, you would have to pay about 17622 dollars for tuition, but if you are a WUE student, you would have to pay only $8613 for tuition.

WUE participating State

Bear in mind that there is also an admission discount under the WUE program, and the schools in this program may decide to administer this admission discount. All you need to do is find out from the institution you want to apply to and inquire about any other financial support and benefits under the Western undergraduate exchange.

It is important that you take note of the states that take part in the WUE program. The States listed below are among the states that participate in the program.

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are among the WUE participating states.

What are the WUE Schools?

All the 20 schools that we have listed in this article are among the WUE schools, but that does not necessarily mean that that is all the schools that are in the program as all the schools that are in the Western undergraduate exchange programs that are not listed in this article.

The schools that are listed in this article have been introduced by mentioning some of the amazing facts about them, and all you need is to visit the official link of the school and apply if you are interested.

Bear in mind that there are schools in the Western undergraduate exchange states that do not participate in this program. That a school is in a Western state does not mean that it participates in the WUE program. A few of those schools include the University of Washington Seattle, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, University of Colorado, Boulder, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and all of the University of California campuses, except UC Merced.

#1. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

UNLV is a public university and one of the WUE schools. It is located in Paradise, Nevada, in the Las Vegas area. It is a large institution with 18,958 undergraduate students. The majors of the school include psychology, criminal justice, security studies, and hospitality and tourism management.

There are various graduate schools in Nevada under WUE schools, including the William S. Boyd School of Law, which is highly regarded for its legal writing program, the college of business, and the college of education.

 Also, remember that you need to obtain at least a 3.25 GPA and 26 ACT or 1240 SAT in the core courses to obtain WUE at the University of Nevada.

  •  WUE school Tuition: $11,582 
  •  Acceptance rate: 83% 
  •  Graduation rate: 39% 

 School website

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#2. Montana State University, Bozeman

Montana State University is a WUE school, the largest university in the State, and the flagship campus of the Montana State University System. Popular majors include nursing, business, family studies, and consumer science. 

  •  WUE school Tuition: $15,411 
  •  Acceptance rate: 83% 
  •  Graduation rate: 54% 

 School website

#3. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology is one of the best schools in WUE mechanical engineering. It is a public institution established in 1889. It is located in a rural area and has a campus area of ​​320 acres. It has 1,471 undergraduate students. It uses an academic calendar based on semesters.

 New Mexico Institute of Technology offers more than 30 bachelor’s degrees in technology, science, engineering, management, technical communication science, and master’s and doctoral-level graduate degrees. 

  •  WUE school Tuition: $35,153.00 
  •  Acceptance rate: 22% 
  •  Graduation rate: 45% 

 School website

#4. Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Institute of Technology is an above-average public university and one of the WUE schools. It is located in Klamath Falls, Oregon. This is a small institution with 2,284 undergraduates enrolled. Popular majors at the institution include Ultrasound technicians and sonographers, medical technologists, and dental hygiene.

 As the first school with an undergraduate program in renewable energy engineering in the United States, OIT emphasizes academic and campus life sustainability.

  •  Acceptance rate: 61% 
  •  Graduation rate: 41% 

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 School website

#5. University of Alaska Anchorage

The university is a public research university located in Anchorage, Alaska. UAA also manages four community campuses located in south-central Alaska.

 However, it consists of the Anchorage campus located in the center of Alaska’s largest city and Matanuska Susitna College, Kenai Peninsula College Kodiak College, and Prince William Sound College. The colleges mentioned above are located in some of the most important cities in Alaska. The school is one of the best WUE schools; some of the majors of this school are nursing, accounting, liberal arts, and humanities.

  • WUE school Tuition: $12,543 
  •  Acceptance rate: 83% 
  •  Graduation rate: 31% 

School Website

#6. Northern Arizona University

NAU: The ideal university for academic excellence, personal growth, career success and world-class adventure. Northern Arizona University is one of the prominent WUE schools that provide an excellent education in the State of Arizona and beyond. For nearly 120 years, NAU has provided an experience centered on students through rigorous academic courses led by dedicated world-renowned professors and researchers. The only major under the WUE program at the University of Arizona is mining engineering.

  •  Tuition Fees: $14,619 

 School website

#7. Mayville State University

Mayville State University is a public university and one of the WUE schools. The school was established in 1889 with a total of 1,097 undergraduates. It is located in a rural area and has a campus area of ​​55 acres. It uses an academic calendar based on semesters.

MissionMayville State University is committed to providing excellent teaching, services, and funding in a dynamic, inclusive, and supportive learning environment that focuses on the individual.

  •  WUE school Tuition $19,700.00 
  •  Acceptance rate: 55% 
  •  Graduation rate: 42% 

 School website

#8. University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming is a public university and one of the WUE schools. The school was established in 1886. It has a total of 9,791 undergraduate students. It is located in the suburbs and has a campus area of ​​785 acres. It uses an academic calendar based on semesters. Students at the University of Washington can also earn credits by taking classes at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

 The university also provides outreach education in the community and online in Wyoming.

  •  School Tuition: $17,490 
  •  Acceptance rate: 95% 
  •  Graduation rate:54% 

 School website

#9. Eastern Washington University

Eastern Washington University is one of the WUE schools. The school is a public university in Cheney, Washington. It offers courses on Cheney’s campus, EWU’s Riverpoint campus in Spokane, and multiple campuses across the State.

 It provides opportunities for diverse students who are educated in various fields such as education, culture, art, health sciences, social work, and business. Particular emphasis is placed on STEM-related fields such as science, mathematics, technology, and engineering, making it an attractive choice of institution for those interested in these high-demand fields.

  •  WUE school Tuition: $11,393 
  •  Acceptance rate: 95% 
  •  Graduation rate: 48% 

 School website

#10. The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is one of the WUE schools. It is a public institution established in 1965, enrolling more than 12,000 students at an affordable cost and learning various unique and challenging academic programs.

The school provides world-class education, small classes, and opportunities to interact with professors. WUE School Colorado teachers have developed new academic courses in digital film production, inclusive childhood education, inclusive primary education, data analysis, systems engineering, engineering education, music, museum studies and gallery practice, exercise science, and sports training.

  •  WUE school Tuition: $20,051 
  •  Acceptance rate: 93% 
  •  Graduation rate: 47% 

 School website

#11. Colorado State University, Pueblo

Colorado State University-Pueblo (CSU-Pueblo) public university and of the Western Undergraduate Exchange schools. It is located in Pueblo, Colorado, USA.

This school is a fully accredited regional comprehensive state university that provides its constituents with social, educational, and cultural opportunities. The school offers courses in Social Work, Sociology/Criminology Emphasis, Business Administration and Management, and various introductory general education courses are also offered.

 WUE School Colorado provides relevant professional courses, practical research experience, and excellent teaching, with a small teacher-student ratio.

  •  WUE school Tuition: $28,787 
  •  Acceptance rate: 96% 
  •  Graduation rate: 32% 

 School website

#12. Black Hills State University

Black Hills State University is a public university and one of the WUE schools. The institution is located in Spearfish, South Dakota. The school is ranked #128-#165 among universities in the Midwest. Schools are ranked based on their performance in a series of widely agreed dispositions of excellence.

Bear in mind that when applying to Black Hills State University, as a WUE school, it is essential to note a rolling application deadline. The Black Hills State University has an application fee of $20.

  •  WUE school Tuition: $14,807 
  •  Acceptance rate: 80% 
  •  Graduation rate: 33% 

 School website 

#13. Weber State University

Weber State University is one of the WUE public schools in northern Utah. The university was founded by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1889, awarded its first four-year degree in 1964, and popularly known by its Weber State University since 1991. Weber State University mainly offers undergraduate courses. Most students in the university study part-time.

  •  WUE school Tuition: 14,749 
  •  Graduation rate: 44% 

 School website

#14. Lewis-Clark State College

Lewis Clark State College is an undergraduate college located in the town of Lewiston in northern Idaho. The university was chartered in 1893and of the best WUE schools.

 Lewis-Clark State College is a public four-year state university that offers liberal arts and sciences teaching, professional-technical programs that support State and local economics, professional fields, and other educational programs tailored to meet Idaho’s needs.

  •  WUE school Tuition: $19,236 
  •  Acceptance rate: 97% 
  •  Graduation rate: 30% 

 School website

#15. Dickinson State University

Dickinson State University is a four-year regional university within the University System of North Dakota. The mission of the university is: to provide high-quality, easy-to-access courses to promote excellent teaching and learning support academic and creative activities to provide citizens of North Dakota with services related to the economy, health, and quality of life. Its main role is to contribute to the development of knowledge, society, economy, and culture, especially in southwestern North Dakota. 

  •  WUE school Tuition: $9,544 
  •  Acceptance rate: 99% 
  •  Graduation rate: 37% 

 School website

#16. Boise State University

Boise State University is one of the WUE schools. It is a public university located in Boise, Idaho. It is a large school with 12,477 undergraduate students. WUE Idaho School’s majors include communications, nursing, and business. Boise State University is located in the capital of Idaho in the western part of the State.

 Note that Boise State University students can choose from approximately 170 academic programs, including many master’s degrees in business, education, and art. 

  •  WUE school Tuition: $13,363 
  •  Acceptance rate: 82% 
  •  Graduation rate: 37% 

 School website

#17. University of Hawaii Maui College

The University of Hawaii Maui College is one of the public schools in the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program. It is a public institution located in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii. It is a research institution and part of the University of Hawaii system. Nursing, mechanics, culinary arts, and food service and maintenance are the school’s most popular majors. Dickinson State University has an open admissions policy.

  •  WUE school Tuition: $1,178 
  •  Acceptance rate: 100% 
  •  Graduation rate: 87% 

 School website

#18. University of Colorado Denver

Another school among the Western undergraduate Exchange systems is the University of Colorado Denver, a public school founded in 1912, with 15,586 undergraduate students, with a city background and a campus area of ​​126 acres. It uses an academic calendar based on semesters. Popular majors include nursing, business, and biology.

  •  WUE school Tuition: $32,005 
  •  Acceptance rate: 61% 
  •  Graduation rate: 41% 

 School website

#19. Minot State University

Minot State University is a public university located in Minot, North Dakota. This is a small institution with 1,952 undergraduates enrolled. The school is committed to achieving outstanding achievements in education, scholarships, and community participation through rigorous academic experience, a positive learning environment, involvement with public service, and vibrant campus life.

 Business, elementary education, and nursing are popular majors in schools.

  •  WUE school Tuition: $7,064 
  •  Acceptance rate: 60% 
  •  Graduation rate: 40% 

 School website

#20. University of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico has more than 300 student organizations, ranging from cultural and religious to academic, service-oriented, and political groups. It is one of the WUE schools, and it uses an academic calendar based on semesters.

UNM is the only highly active Hispanic service organization in the United States that is listed as a Carnegie research university.

The University of New Mexico’s ranking among the best universities in 2019 is the National University, which is set as a city and has a campus area of ​​769 acres. 

  • WUE school Tuition: $7,929 
  •  Acceptance rate: 58% 
  •  Graduation rate: 48% 

 School website

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