Everything you need to know about CHYMALL

We are going to talk about Chymall in terms of who they are, what they do, and how they can help us financially so by the end of this post you will understand.

  • what is chymall?
  • Their goals and plans in the future as a company.
  • What makes them unique.
  • What makes them so special that everybody is talking about them.

what is chymall?

Chymall used to be called sairuimall, it is a multinational e-commerce platform founded in 2008 by a Chinese billionaire called Zhang Yuan.

sairuimall arrived in the African market in March 2019 and started an effective business.  In April, sairuimall set up its headquarters in Accra Ghana and since then it has spread to more than 86 countries worldwide including Europe and Asia in addition to Ghana in Africa
sairuimall is also found in Cameroon, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Benin, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Togo, DR Congo, and Burkina Faso and the list keeps increasing.
For now, sairuimall has more than 50,000 active members worldwide

what are the plans and goals of the company?

obviously, if you are trying to invest in a company you do want to know what are the plans in the future of that company right?

Well CENTURY HENG YUE group which is known as CHY joins the sairui group in May 2020 the new partnership invested 20 million to improve the quality and efficiency of the sairui group so now Saruimall has joined a partnership with CENTURY HENG YUE and now they have become chymall.

This partnership invested an additional 20 million dollars in the company so you can see that the company is solid and it has a big capital which means it is not a company that is going anywhere anytime soon, they are here to take over so their first plan is to create a business plan where everyone wins.

I want you guys to pay attention to that statement and remember it because we are going to explain it later

Secondly, they plan to create 200 branches worldwide, 70 warehouses, and thousands of stores in Africa.

The end goal or the main goal is to become the leader of the e-commerce industry, they are planning to take over Amazon and every company that is dealing with economies today

So what makes this company special, why is it that everybody is talking about it, what are the opportunities that chymall can give us that can improve us financially

let’s talk about it

Chy is just a company like eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Amazon but chymall is different and is special in its own way this company will not sell you only products but they will actually give you an opportunity to buy a share or a little shop on their platform where they will sell products for you and you will be making a profit.

so as you are buying or doing your shopping from the platform you will also be making money with them. 

This is a big opportunity that we are talking about here, so if anybody has told you about Chymall please do pay attention and listen, this can change your financial situation. chymall can grow your money.
If you take the money that you are saving in the bank doing nothing and you invest in chymall within a period of time it will increase your profit that will increase your money.
Chymall is built on a foundation of this statement from Jack Ma the richest man in China and the CEO of Alibaba Group he said

If you want to win in the 21st century, you have to empower others, making sure other people are better than you are. Then you will be successful.

Chymall has given us this opportunity to change our financial positions, at the same time we are helping the company as well to be successful.

How do we actually make money on chymall?

here we go! chymall gives you an opportunity to buy a share or a store on their platform through VIP packages they have different price points and different profits 

the first one is called VIP 2.
with VIP 2 when you are registering or buying a store on their platform you register with $50 and your trading capital is $90 making a total of $140.

the next one is VIP3, registration will cost you $100 and trading capital will cost $180 making a total of $280.

the most famous one to me is the VIP4 package, which takes you $300 to register, and to trade is $540 making a total of $840.

the 5th one is called VIP 5, it’s the second most expensive one and the one that will give you very good profits, to register you need $600, trading will cost you $1080 making a total of $1680. 

and the last one is vip6 which is the most recent and most expensive one, registration is $1200 and trading capital is $2160 making a total of $3360.
You can check the table below

So how does it work when you become a partner?

chymall will let you buy a product from the newretail department or section at a hundred percent cost and then in the wholesale section or department they will give you this opportunity where you buy two of the same product at a 60% discount

and in the next step the company will sell the product within a period of ten to twelve days at a retail price of hundred percent each.

when they sell it within a period of 10 to 12 days, the company deducts 3% as a trading fee

and in the last step, the company pays you your capital and your profit. so whatever you invested the company is going to pay it back to you within 10 to 12 days and in addition to that you will be having your profits

so let’s give an example to make it simple

 for the example we are going to use a VIP4  package, so trading will cost you $300 if you remember as we said in the first step

we are going to buy a product from the newretail area for $300

the second step is wholesale

the company makes you buy two of the same products at a 60% discount. so the company is going to give you the same product that you bought for $300 at a 60% discount which is going to cost you this time only 120 dollars.

 they are going to make you buy two of these and it is going to cost you a total of $240

 so as you can see the total of trading is $540 now the trading is done!

Let us wait for our profit in 10 to 12 days.

after 10 to 12days the company will sell each of the products you bought for $120 for $300 each, making a total of $600.

if you remember in the fourth step, they are going to make deductions so they are going to take a

3%  of the $600 which is $18 and your net income will then be $582.

 so to calculate your profit we will take $582-$540 =$42 profits

so within ten days for investing $540 you will make back $42 as profit.

That means, if someone has ten VIP 4 accounts they would make $1260 every month that is crazy and this is the massive opportunity that I’m telling you today. If somebody has told you about it don’t play, don’t waste time, don’t be skeptical because we are all investing in it.

you can do all of this either on your computer or on your phone having internet.

There is another way of making a profit on chymall

in this option, chymall says if you can share this opportunity with friends and family members and they decide to register in chymall, the company will pay you for your work.

chymall is a company that does not invest in it advertisement so when you go out and you promote the company, the company pays you a 3% in your first generation (the first  generation is when you bring five or more people to the company)

whenever each one of them makes a purchase in the new retail area you would be paid 3% of that purchase

and then there is the second generation (the second generation is simply when the people in your first generation brings more people as well under them.)

 whenever these people that they brought make a purchase in the new retail area you would be paid 2% of that as well and you’ll be making a profit from here as well as making a profit from your trading.

The company will also pay you rewards like phones and cars when you bring more people, they see that you are building up a big team letting people know about this big opportunity.

Before I conclude I will like to tell you that

this is a big opportunity I want you to think about it very well, if you are reading this blog post it is because somebody told you about it, don’t waste time, take the opportunity.

 if you are saving your money there is no bank in this world that in 10 to 12 days will give you a profit as chymall.

this is a big opportunity that you have to take a chance of, do you want to be the person that works from nine through five every day and make someone else rich?

 be stuck in an office or an industry for 40 years and then depend on the state pension?

 or do you want to be the one who invests in e-commerce business to make yourself rich, work on the beach anytime you want, with just your phone, anywhere and everywhere?

 whoever told you about this call them back and tell them you are interested to become a partner.

 you can contact me if you have any question or you want me to register you

Whatsapp: +237680223655


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