how to make money in cameroon with Sairui mall

Sairui mall: The New Retail business of making legal money at home using your phone or computer.

sairui shopping mall

I know your first question will be what is sairui mall:
Let cut straight to the chase: SAIRUI is a recent Online Shopping Mall that features a New Model Called New Retail, plus the normal E-Commerce like Jumia, Alibaba, etc. But, this multi-billion dollar Chinese company is, in actual fact, giving 80% profit to partners via the same New Retail model which is never present and has never been seen in the rest of the Online shopping malls in the world.

SAIRUI mall was launched in China in 2008 by a Chinese Billionaire called YUAN ZHANG and was later launched in Africa on the 29th of March 2019, precisely in Ghana, with its head office in Accra.

SAIRUI is a company that deals with commodities just like eBay, Alibaba, Jumia, Konga, Jiji, Amazon, Kikou, and many more. The company uses the new E-Commerce system called the ‘New Retail’ System where members can buy and sell its products online.

As a member, you can choose to have a trading store in SAIRUI mall to uphold your SAIRUI products and it goes international as it is sold within 10 days in which profit and capital are returned to you, it provides a possibility of continues buying of goods without exhausting your capital (budget) and benefit from the profit of each cycle of a transaction.

How Sairui Mall Works

The new retail or e-commerce platform; you trade any item on the platform (that’s buying and selling), where the company gives you a 60% discount to purchase any product. You can buy the same product at the wholesale store with a price lesser than the new retail shop.

After buying at the wholesale shop, the company gives you two options; either they sell for you or ship it to your given location.

Let me illustrate how this works.
Let’s say you saw a product that you liked on the retail store, and this product costs $100 and you order it, For ordering this product from this website you are given two ordering quota in the wholesale section of the store i.e. you become entitled to order for 2 pieces of the same product for less than 60% each; with the option to have these extra two products delivered to you or you can also place it on the market place and have it sold for you within 10 days for $100 each.

Sairui Mall Products

Sairuimall deals with Quantum Energy products which provide better health for individuals.

Below a are some of the product they deal with;
• Quantum fuel saver card
• Quantum energy heart and neck instrument (pendant).
• Quantum energy glasses.
• Quantum beauty sprayer
• Quantum mobile phone sticker
• Quantum compression mask
• Quantum ring
• Quantum energy Foot Massager…and more!
sariu mall

Sairui Mall Packages:

There are, at present, five good packages in Sairui known as VIPs (vip1, vip2, vip3, vip4, and vip5). And each VIP package carries a price tag according to their levels of registration and activation. That means for you to do this business you must register and activate your account.
VIP1=$25 (Anti-radiation phone sticker)
VIP2=$50 (Quantum beauty spray)
VIP3=$100 (Receive quantum energy eyeglasses)
VIP4=$300 (Receive quantum energy pendant)
VIP5=$600 (Receive quantum energy Foot Massager)

The prices above are just for registration and activation as per the VIP levels you chose, now for you to start trading you will need a starting capital which is given as per your entry-level.

To better explain this let’s take a real-life scenario.

For you to do any business you will need a store to stuck your goods and capital to porches the goods you will be selling, the same is the case with sairui. The registration and activation part is like renting a store and now you will need to put in capital.

So, for you to begin trading with Sairui, you need to fund your back office with a certain amount of money per the VIP level you choose. The amount you are expected to fund per VIP is as follows:
• VIP1=No longer trading
• VIP2=$90
• VIP3=$180
• VIP4=$540
• VIP5=$1080

In total, you will spend the following amount for any entry-level you chose
Entry-level Rent Capital total
• VIP1=(activation amount) $25 + (no longer trading)
• VIP2=(activation amount) $50 + (trading capital) $90 Total= $140
• VIP3=(activation amount) $100 + (trading capital) $180 Total= $280
• VIP4=(activation amount) $300 + (trading capital) $540 Total= $840
• VIP5=(activation amount) $600 + (trading capital) $1080 Total= $1680

Note: you will be given product worth the amount you fund for any of the VIP levels, Registration money is non-refundable, but trading money is refundable, you can withdraw it anytime you want. Also, note that each and every product purchased has a life span of 200 years. That is to say, you are guaranteed a lifetime business opportunity.

Disclaimer: To clear the air, please, this is not a network marketing company, neither is it a Ponzi scheme. It’s not even a get-rich-quick-scheme or a business where you are given products to hawk around the street for little money. NO!
*Any package you activate gives you unlimited access to starting a business with Sairui!

How To Make Money/Profits in Sairui Mall E-Commerce Business

There are 6 awesome ways to make profits in Sairui, they are:
• Store Profit
• Direct Sharing Profit
• Chain Store Profit
• Service Profit
• Chain Service Profit
• Traditional E-Commerce Profit
Having listed 6 powerful ways you can earn, we will go through some of them in a detailed form so that you can have a full understanding of the business.

1. Store Profit (Unlimited Earnings): The store profit is the unlimited profit an existing partner of the company receives or enjoys when he begins trading on the e-commerce platform.

How it works
We are taking a case study of VIP3 using Store profit.
In VIP3 your trading capital is 180$.
When you buy a product with your trading capital at the New retail section costing 100$ (Note: this product must be shipped to you) you are given a quote(discount) of 60% to buy 2 similar products in the wholesale section.

Now you are left with 80$ in your account with the 60% discount you can buy two of those products at the wholesale section for 40$ each making a total of the remaining 80$.
Now for these two product sairui will give you two options; “do you want us to sell for you or ship to you?”

Of course, we are here for profit so we will select the option to put it on sale at the sairui mall. Sairui mall will sell this products for you at 100$ each at their new retail section (within 7 to 10 days)
Making a total of 200$. That means your account will be credited with $200.

(Note: the first product most be shipped to you).

Now, you spent $180 on your trade and gained $200
• $200-$180=$20
You will pay a tax of 30% on your $20 profit to your country which is
• (30/100)*20=$6
Your net profit is $14 i.e. $20-$6=$14
So, you will still have $14 as your total profit for that one trade and with your capital of $180
The selling period is 7-10 days maximum!
You can repeat the process forever.
That’s for Store profit. No referring and selling products on the street. Pure legit, clean, and stress-free business you have never seen before!

2. Direct Sharing Profit (Referral Bonus): Sairui says since you have decided to share this opportunity with others, you will be earning 20% of their registration fee each time a new person joins your network. Direct bonuses are instant and automated income received for referring or recruiting a new partner in Sairui mall international e-commerce business. The company pays you 20% on the registration fee of any new recruit you bring on board.

Example: If Mr. A decides to recruit Mr. B. And Mr. B comes in with VIP4 which is a $300 registration fee. Mr. A will be paid $60 instantly for bringing in Mr. B. This is the best online business in the 21st century! Second to none!
See Summary of Direct Sharing Profit Per VIP:

• VIP1 $25, your share is $5
• VIP2 $50, your share is $10
• VIP3 $100, your share is $20
• VIP4 $300, your share is $60
• VIP5 $600, your share is $120

3. Chain Store Profit: This profit is one that Sairuimall partners receive when they build their network. Those who directly recommend people to successfully participate in the new retail business will earn 3% of the First Generation’s (direct referrals) purchase from New Retail Store Area in every round of trade.

So, this implies that each time they buy and sell, you enjoy 3% of their trades every time.
More so, if you directly recommend five customers or above, apart from the 3% reward of your First Generation in New Retail Area, you will also get another 2% of the Second Generation’s purchase.

Also, very importantly, when you share Sairui business with five customers or above, besides the 3%+2% mentioned upfront, once the sales volume (calculated from each 1st of every month) at New Retail Area of the biggest customer’s team reaches $200,000, from this time on, the server will be activated to accumulate your other First Generation’s team’s turnover of New Retail Area purchase till the end of the month, excluding the biggest and the smallest customers’ team, and you will be rewarded 3% of this turnover at the end of the month.

4. Service Profit (Binary Bonus): Service profits are profits or bonuses you earn on weaker or small legs. For instance, Mr. A is able to build his network (binary) (left and right legs). Mr. A’s points accumulated on his left leg is $1000 and his right is $1,500. The company will choose the left leg as his payout because that is his weaker or small leg.

See Calculations below;
Daily increment of shares
Service Profit (SP) = Small Zone’s turnover (small leg)/day times 12%
If it’s $1000,
SP=$1000 times 12%
=$120/day (profit)
Furthermore, if 5 teams in your network accumulate;
• Team A=$200,000
• Team B=$100,000
• Team C=$5,000
• Team D=$150,000
• Team E=$8,000

Monthly sales volume of the Biggest Team=$200,000. Monthly profit=Total turnover (exclude biggest and smallest team volume) times 3% monthly calculation.
=($100,000+$150,000+$8,000) x 3%
=($258,000) x 3%

In a nutshell, just know in service profit you earn 12% of the total points accumulated on your weaker leg daily. So, if your small leg accumulates 10,000 points (which is $10,000), Sairui will pay you a whopping sum of $1,200 every day, just on service profit (binary bonus) alone! No E-commerce does this! Not for once! Remember, it’s calculated and paid on a daily basis.

We also have Chain Service Profit and Traditional E-Commerce Profit

Sairui Business expenditure and Profit Summary:

Sairui Business expenditure and Profit

How to become a member

It’s very simple and easy! Just identify yourself with any of the packages mentioned above. Contact us on WhatsApp through +237680223655 for Register, activate, and you can start trading immediately!
You need to contact us because registration links are generated.

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