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Imagine a world with no light, we use light in our everyday lives. light bulb is one of the biggest and most important inventions in history.

The light bulb is an invention that is use all the time and has impacted the world in so many ways. The only light source that was available consisted of candles, oil lanterns and gas lamps. It was a very long process to create the light bulbs known today.
The first constant light bulb was demonstrated in 1835(matulka) and most of the first lights were incandescent lights.

Every light bulb is contained by a glass sphere( incandescent light) and most of the incandescent lamp comes in different shapes and sizes. The light bulb have many different inventors and people make improvements and different designs as time went on.

But with the coming of technology and the changes that accompanies it such as the growing popularity of automation in our everyday lives, even homes and offices have gotten upgraded.

The way of life has become more efficient and in this venture , smart bulbs and other lighting have become popular. You might have heard of smart bulbs and other home devices which are being out in market, But what is smart bulb all about and what’s the mystery behind it? Find out from the article below.

What are smart bulbs?

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Definition :
Smart bulbs (smart light bulb) are lighting features that can be control wirelessly or smart bulbs are Led lights which draws less power than traditional incandescent light bulb.

They are quite different from regular bulbs as they can be eliminated and control manually. Smart bulbs provide a more efficient way to manage lighting in ur home.

A typical smart bulb is 9.5W or 5.5W for spotlight and candle bulb . That’s roughly equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb and a 50W spotlight bulb respectively.

With smart bulbs, you can control it by using a remote or through a mobile device. If the bulb is dimmable, you can also control the brightness with ease and without lifting anything other than a finger. Smart bulbs can also be very intelligent when paired with the right switches as they come on and off when you schedule them.

It is truly a smart and efficient way of living as you don’t have to bother with getting out from the comfort of your bed just to turn off the lights.

How does smart bulbs function?

Smart lighting generally use mesh networking where each smart bulb wirelessly connects to its nearest neighbor.

That network is controlled by a hub that plugs into your router, enabling your other networked device such as phone or tablet to communicate with your bulbs. A smart bulb functions as a regular standard bulb, but with the help of a smart phone,tablet or any mobile device of the same kind. In most cases, it will require a home automation hub that will allow you to operate the smart bulbs wirelessly. An internet connected hub connects all the bulbs, providing control over the lighting in your home from a central Location.

Most home automation hubs use communication standard like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-waves among other and the automation hub can be connected through an app or your mobile device or even PC.

This gives you more reliable performance and provide a backup in case one mood of connection fails. People nowadays are eager towards building up smart homes, tend to go with home automation system like smart things or nest to make smart bulbs and other smart devices more efficient.

Your smart lighting system aren’t just control by smart phone or tablet app, you can also choose to use voice activated or voice assistance to relay your voice commands system such as: Google Home, Amazon Alexa among other to control your smart bulbs. Each company and smart bulb manufacturers, however has its own requirements when it’s comes to hubs that are compatible.

What can smart bulbs do?

Smart light bulbs is more than just a fancy way to control the lighting in your home, it’s actually helps simplify and improve quality of life. The benefits of using are that, you can connect your smart bulbs to a number of other event or devices in your home.

1. You can remotely adjust the lighting in your home from anywhere .

2. You can also program the light to come on when somebody enters the room or when somebody rings the intercom.

3. With smart bulbs,you can also established automated lighting schedule around your life. That’s to say, you can create several different events to trigger scene and event base on your preference .If the clock strikes 6pm then the parlor light should come on automatically or you may get a wake up call at 7am with your light automatically turning on with gradual adjustment.

4. You can also create a system that works for you and your home through smart, even if the bulb is out doors! So once set, the device hardly needs any further instruction unless there’s a problem in the network.

5. Smart lighting is convenient, just think of all the lights in your home and the number of light switches and the amount of time you spend each day ,especially at night,making the rounds in your home to make sure that the lights are all out but with smart lighting you don’t go through that stress.

Also,there’s more you can do with your smart light other than just turning them on/off remotely. Set the mood in any room with smart lighting features like dimming and color ambiance (that’s depending on the smart bulbs that you install.)

The Best Brands of Smart Bulbs.

There are several smart bulbs brands available in the market .You can pick dimmable bulbs or even smart bulbs that change colors.

Some of the best brands include :Philips Hue, Lifx,Hive Active, Xiaomi and IKEA etc. Many brands use more than one wireless technology to better integrate your light with other smart home devices and system.

A smart bulb may work with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Apple Home Kit to allow you configure your smart lighting using the option that work best with you.

Nevertheless, there are three types of smart bulbs, that is :
>The one that uses Zeebee or Z-waves : Brands include Philips Hue, Hive Active Lighting, IKEA, Tradfi.
Philips Hue for example, is likely the best choice for most people which works with a hub, but hub bulbs are reliable and also easier to find. Philips offers lots of smart light bulbs and lamps that can be control via Google Home and Amazon Echo device.

With Philips, you can also control smart light directly from your smart phone through Hue compatible app. You can also turn all lights on and off at once or a single one in any room.

It is also possible to dim light to a specific percentages and even check Assistant,If you forgot to turn off any of the lights. To make your investment simpler, Philips offers smart light bundles, which often includes lights and the hubs.

> The ones that uses Wi-Fi :Brands like wiz, Cree, Eufy etc

> The ones that uses Bluetooth :Brands like C and GE are popular brands that comes to mind.

Advantages Of Smart Bulbs Over Other Lights Bulbs

Smart light bulbs is the newest and most exciting technological advancements in the lighting industry which appeared relatively recent and gained popularity in our market because of its advantages. That is, its high quality illumination, its long life and endurance, not forgetting light sources base on semiconductor technology.

>Smart bulbs can be use for security purposes . That’s to say, smart light bulbs are useful ,affordable ,easy to install and safe to use.

They can make your home feel more comfortable, more futurist and more secure. For example, recently we have seen lots of features that focuses on security and smart bulbs offers some form of Away Mode Lighting that cycles your light on and off in the evening while you are on vacation to make it look like you are at home.

Some can even combine with motion sensors to turn on automatically if they sense anything lurking in the shadows. The Lifx Plus Infrared light to illuminate things for your night vision cameras, helping to offer a much more detailed picture in the dark.

> Unlike incandescent light bulb which just sits in the socket and light up ur room, smart bulbs can go beyond that. Smart bulbs are not Just call smart for nothing.

That is, they wirelessly connect with phone app, automation hub and give you a capability that opens up major possibilities.

> Also smart bulbs can help you sleep better .That’s with the C sleep emits, several color temperature that are designed to help regulate natural melatonin production in the body. Its light setting helps suppress your melatonin levels during the day and increase melatonin as you get near bed time.

Lighting science is another bulb emits soothing light that doesn’t interrupt your natural circadian rhythm.

> Smart bulbs are also dimmable. One of the basic features of smart bulbs is that you can dim many of them without having to install dimmer switches in your home. Simply screw a dimmer smart bulbs into your lamps or chandelier and dim or brighten them using the bulb’s corresponding app.

> Again, smart bulbs can also changed colors. Dimming the lights to set a mood is fine, but you can take it to a step further. That’s, many smart bulbs also colors! In-fact, some smart bulbs such as Flux Smart Led lights Bulbs, can produce a range of over 16 million colors. For example, if you want to warm up your room, change the color to golden yellow or if you want to cool it down, change the bulb to light blue.

You can select the exact color you want by tapping a color wheel in the bulb’s app. With Philips Hue, Siri can even changed your lighting when you ask.

Things To Know Before Purchasing A Smart Bulb

When turning your old dump home, one of the best places to start is with lighting. But before buying a smart bulbs, you must take into consideration the following :
>There are several ways in which you can connect your smart bulbs. But it’s important to know that you can access or control the smart bulbs even when you are away from home, only if you are connected to it through a hub automation system.

> Also, smart bulbs can be control using Bluetooth. If you choose to control via Bluetooth, then you can only control it within the Bluetooth range. The further you move away from your home, the weaker the connection gets.

Similarly, if you are controlling the device through your Wi-Fi connection, its performance may also get affected by how many devices are connected to the network.

That’s, if there are too many devices stretching the Wi-Fi band width, then the performance of the smart bulb will be affected. And If the internet connection stops working for some reason or another, then the smart bulbs also will loose connection.

> It’s only the Zeebee or Z-waves hubs that you don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can also control the smart bulb when you are away from home using the certified hubs and Mobile device that has the app.

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To conclude, with smart bulbs and the right home automation system, you can create a true smart, beautiful and intelligent home that doesn’t require you to spend more energy than its needed. You can get a whole intelligent system that ensures your home is energy efficient and you can get the most comfortable and smart setting to live and work in. A single smart bulb can change your home and room setting and make it very pleasant.

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