TUFTS Acceptance Rate for University Transfers, Admission, and Tuition Requirements 2022/2023

TUFTS Acceptance Rate

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First, let’s take an overview of the beautiful school.

TUFTS University Overview

Tufts University is a private university established in 1852. It has a student population of undergraduates in the region of 6,114 (fall 2020). Its campus is located in the suburbs, and the campus spreads over 150 acres. It follows the academic calendar that is based on semesters.

The HTML0 is the name of the game at Tufts. They aim to be the leading institution on the subject of an institution whose teaching and research have a global impact.

Students and faculty are engaged in international research and scholarship on topics that range from AIDS and arsenic. They confront the elemental human forces that fuel conflict and cooperation in international relationships.

And they accomplish this by engaging in global education by utilizing distinct inter-disciplinary programs that bring the expertise of academics to real-world problems.

Tufts University’s commitment to international education, research, and research extends across the curriculum and is a component of all schools.

Tufts University’s place in the 2022 list of Top Colleges in America has been ranked as National Universities #28. Fees and tuition for the school are $63,000.

Tufts University, located not far from downtown Boston, is the School of Arts and Sciences home. The School of Engineering serves undergraduate and graduate students and several professional and graduate programs, including the highly-rated School of Medicine and Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Students who are first- or second-year students must stay on the campus.

Students can participate in clubs for students, including cycling, a sport played by clubs and the Beelzebubs, the male-only Cappella group, and The Geological Society. About half of students have involved in study abroad programs, and around one-quarter of students participate in Greek life.

Tufts’s official symbol is Jumbo. The elephant is the only school mascot included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Tufts also has an ongoing art collection featuring Pablo Picasso’s paintings, Andy Warhol’s, and John Singer Sargent.

The University Transfer Rate for TUFTS

In the past, Tufts University was able to accept 54 transferred students.

The school accepted only 167 students. This makes the acceptance rate for transfer to Tufts University precisely 14.47%.

This indicates how difficult it is to be able to transfer to Tufts University.

Tufts University Acceptance Rate

Tufts University’s regular admission has an acceptance rate of 16%.

Most students admitted to Tufts University have an SAT score of 1380-1530 and an ACT score between 32 and 35.

One-quarter of applicants accepted at Tufts University scored over these limits, while one quarter scored below the limits. The cost to apply at Tufts University is $75. The deadline for applying is in January. 1.

Tufts University’s 2022 Ranks

Tufts University is ranked:

  • #28 in National Universities (tie)
  • #48 in Best Undergraduate Teaching (tie)
  • #27 in Best Value Schools

TUFTS University Application for Transfer Requirements

  • Minimum GPA: While there is no minimum GPA requirement for a student to be accepted as a transfer student to Tufts, most successful candidates for admission to transfer are those with a GPA of more than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Scores from SAT: The official test scores for standard tests are required. Official transcripts These are official records from high school and colleges are required.
  • Letters of recommendation, Faculty Evaluations, and an Official’s Report are required.
  • Essay: It is the Common App for Transfer Admission, and Tufts Supplement needs essay-length answers. Spend time thinking about the questions and formulate responses that help in helping the Admission Committee learn more about you and understand the reasons behind your decision to transfer.
  • Cost of Application: It is an application fee that is non-refundable, $70.
  • Interviews: Tufts cannot divulge the interview criteria.
  • Other Requirements: There are specific requirements for transferring into the School of Engineering.

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TUFTS University Transfer Credit Policy

  • The minimum mark is. This is vital to remember that only courses with an average grade of or higher are eligible to receive the credits provided at Tufts.
  • Honors (Min/Max) Students in the School of Arts & Sciences require 34 semesters to graduate. Students studying Engineering and students at engineering in the School of Engineering need 38. Students can transfer only 17 credits from Arts & Sciences or 19 courses in Engineering. Half the credits you earn must come from Tufts to get a degree.

For TUFTS, Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Who needs to be able to present English tests of proficiency?

Anyone whose first language isn’t English must prove English proficiency unless the student has been enrolled in an English training program for a least three years.

The tests that can prove proficiency are IELTS, TOEFL PTE, and Duolingo. Students taking ESOL classes in secondary schools must show evidence that they are proficient.

Are there any exams I could take following the deadline? (or any other tests) at a later date after the Tufts application deadline has been met?

We strongly suggest all standardized tests must be completed before January 1st for applications. However, we are aware that this might not be possible.

You can take standardized tests in January. Make sure your results are sent directly to Tufts when you take your test.

What does Tufts consider their opinion regarding The International Baccalaureate?

We don’t endorse any one program over the other. Tufts acknowledges that the IB curriculum and the entire diploma course, in particular, is a challenging curriculum that prepares students for college-level work.

The successful completion of the diploma in its entirety is recognized as a prerequisite by the Tufts admissions panel and awards pre-matriculation credit for students enrolling in Tufts.

What is my required score for the SAT/ACT?

Tufts does not have a minimum or “cut-off” for standardized tests. Each test is evaluated on the student’s personal, academic and social background.

There aren’t any tests that are a part of those enrolled in the SAT and ACTs in my state. What impact does this affect my application?

Tufts Tufts University has introduced the test-optional admissions method for undergraduate students who have a minimum of three years old, beginning with the fall 2021 semester.

Beginning with the following admissions cycle, first-year and transferred students are given the option of deciding if they need to submit SAT or ACT scores to be considered to gain admission for admission to Tufts University.

Does Tufts generally limit the number of students outside the country or only students from a specific country?

Tufts isn’t restricted to the number of applicants admitted from any class. In the past three years, Tufts has welcomed students from 62 countries comprising Bangladesh, China, Greece, Jamaica, Paraguay, Qatar, and Zimbabwe.

Do IB’s and A levels prevent me from the requirement to submit the annual transcript?

This is not the case unless you’re at an institution that doesn’t have marking or regular grades time.

When I’m currently an undergraduate in my nation of residence, will I be eligible to transfer to my class at Tufts?

Suppose you’ve completed at least two academic semesters in an institution of higher learning or university in your country of birth. In that case, you may apply to be admitted as an exchange student.

Be aware that financial aid is not available to international applicants.

I’m a U.S. citizen living abroad. Do I belong to this group of citizens from other countries?

We will evaluate applications based on the location you currently attend school instead of based upon your citizenship status.

The application you complete will be read in conjunction with other students from the high school you are enrolled at.

I’ve studied and lived in the U.S. for several years. Can I still be considered an overseas student?

Yes, if you’re a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (and have a green card). If you’re looking for financial aid, you need to be able to provide the required documents to international candidates.

We will inform you of the possibility of your status changes (for example, if you’re awarded citizenship or green cards) while you are applying.

Can I get assistance with my app?

Many students require help preparing for the standard tests, creating essays, or filling in applications.

Although applicants are advised to seek help from their parents, teachers, and counselors, Tufts is dedicated to the authenticity and integrity of applications.

Students must submit their work on their own and with authentic certificates.

The admissions committee is committed to ensuring that we will accept applicants with a genuine and honest profile. We will not consider any application indicating that fraud has occurred.

Which academic credentials do I require from my school?

Tufts must submit four years’ academic intern performance for each application. We anticipate three years of grades and any marks accessible in the current academic year.

We’ll also require an official report of national exams taken in the past and anticipated scores (when there are readily available) for any tests that are still pending.

Who is the person to fill the “Secondary School Report” on the Common Application?

The form must be completed by an official of the school who can access the pupil’s academic and personal documents.

The person was filling this form usually the college counselor, school counselor, principal, counselor, head of school, or head of the school.

This form, along with the transcript, must be handed directly to the Admissions Office by a school official electronically, either via fax or mail.

Do I need to forward photocopies of my high educational transcript(s)?

There is no need to do this. Tufts Admissions Office requires the original copies of transcripts from secondary schools to be delivered to us directly from your secondary school.

What should I do if my teachers don’t communicate in English or my report is in different languages?

All certificates have to be handed out in English. Students or other family members cannot translate letters of recommendation and transcripts.

The acceptable translators can be English teachers, official school personnel, professionals, or individuals from the EducationUSA office. Students do not have to utilize agencies to evaluate credentials of any type.

What do I expect to see in an examination at the national level and in the IB to be used?

Exam outcomes predicted by the test are combined with previous external and internal scores to assess the ability of the student to learn.

Admissions are contingent on accomplishing the prescribed program and on the results that are in line with expectations or previous results. Students who suffer significant decreases in their final scores could be suspended from their academic program or rejection from admission.

Do you have any opportunities for interviews available to students from other nations?

Tufts interviews aren’t mandatory and are conducted by senior students and alumni interviewers worldwide. Interviews are conducted in the comfort of your home, in the school’s zone, or on Skype and FaceTime.

Students interested in a possible interview via the Application Checklist after submitting their application.

Are you willing to consent to be interviewed by other firms?

100, Tufts will be happy to arrange an interview for you with Intitialview or variant.

What is Financial Aid available through Tufts?

The financial aid provided at Tufts is determined by the financial needs of the individual student. Tufts can meet the total financial needs of the students who are accepted. In acknowledgment of Tufts’s commitment to maintaining an international environment, Tufts University offers a sum of money to highly skilled and internationally-minded students.

Which documents are required to complete the application form for aid?

Students seeking financial aid need to submit the CSS Profile, filled out online. It is then sent for approval by the College Board.

Students who feel worried with they are concerned that the CSS Profile would present a significant financial hardship can complete their International Student Aid Application. The applications must be handed into the Financial Aid Office according to the deadlines.

Am I given the possibility to apply for aid after I’m at the university?

The answer is No. International students can qualify for financial aid when requested during their initial application.

Students who believe that they will need financial aid to cover the cost of a Tufts education should fill in the required documents before being accepted.

I’m not planning on applying for Financial Aid. What is the deadline, and when do I submit the proof of my financial sources?

Students who have registered must show their financial standing when applying for the student visa.

Do I have to apply an early decision to be looked at by international students?

Yes, you can apply for Tufts Early Decision as an international aid applicant. The financial aid budget will be similar to the one you receive in the regular decision.

However, suppose you’re accepted to Tufts within the Early Decision program. In that case, it’s legally binding. You will not be able to apply to other institutions that fall under Regular Decision alternative routes (such as UCAS) outside of the U.S. You must withdraw any applications you’ve already completed.

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What type of support is available to international students at the campus?

Alongside general guidance, career, and other services offered by this university. Students who are from overseas can access one of the centers, which is called an International Center.

The center can assist with processing visas and work authorization, as well as helping to adapt to the new culture.

Special programs such as the Thanksgiving holiday, winter accommodation, and the opportunity to host in the region are available.

Can my national scores be used to gain advanced standing at Tufts or earn numeric credit or advanced status at Tufts?

After enrolling, Tufts students may request credit according to their performance in tests like the International Baccalaureate, A-Levels, and tests like French Bac, the German Abitur, and additional tests.

Advisors of the Pre-majors’ program are on hand to help students enrolled in the program.

What do I need to meet the study of language and culture requirements to be a student at Tufts?

Students who speak another language other than is not English may fulfill the requirement of speaking another language in the School of Arts and Sciences by proving proficiency by using different methods (e.g., the length of time the student was enrolled at an institution of secondary education in which the school’s language wasn’t English and the results of the test of placement or results of tests that are standardized and count as credits towards the pre-matriculation requirements at Tufts IB, British A-Levels, SAT II, IB British A-Levels, IB AP or SAT II). Advisors for pre-majors can assist students taking part in the application process.

Can students from abroad travel to other countries to study?

Students from other countries can take up studies in other countries.

Can students from abroad be employed, gain internships, or take part in the field of research?

Yes, international students are eligible for campus jobs that pay and have access to research opportunities (paid and also free) on campus. Tufts can aid students financially when forced to accept jobs that do not pay during the summer break. Opportunities for research or internships that aren’t born in the university are accessible and can be used to earn academic credits.

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