University of Virginia(UVA) Transfer Acceptance Rate Tuition Requirements and Admissions 2022/2023

University of Virginia(UVA) Transfer Acceptance Rate Tuition Requirements and Admissions 2022/2023

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University of Virginia Overview

The University of Virginia is a public institution founded in 1819. It is home to undergraduates between 17,311 (fall 2020).

The campus is located in the suburbs, and its campus spans 1,682 acres.

 It is a school that follows a year-long academic calendar based on the semester.

 It ranks in the 2022 list of top colleges at National Universities 25th place, which is the top ranking.

The state-wide fee and tuition are $19,698, while tuition and fees outside of the state total $53,666.

Statue Thomas Jefferson at UVA

The University was founded in 1803 by Thomas Jefferson; the University of Virginia is located in Charlottesville. It is also known as Mr. Jefferson’s University, or simply The University.

The first-year student are the only ones to stay on campus, and most upper-level students live in off-campus residences, sororities, or fraternity houses. 

Greek activities are common at UVA, with the student body comprising approximately 35 percent of students.

The Cavaliers that aren’t officially known as Wahoos and “Hoos” are part of the NCAA Division I Atlantic Coast Conference and are well-known for their strong women’s team and males.

The graduate programs offered at UVA include the highly rated Darden Graduate School of Business, Curry School of Education, School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Law, and School of Medicine.

UVA is the home of one of the last 25 Original copies of the Declaration of Independence, called the Dunlap Broadside, which is housed within the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library.

UVA is also home to its own distinct term that is used to describe the campus as the “grounds,” the central quad is known as”the “lawn,” and students could be classified as a first, third, or second year. 

Former U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy, journalist Katie Couric and former NFL player Tiki Barber have all received diplomas from UVA.

The famous writer Edgar Allen Poe was forced to quit UVA because of losing his university tuition to gambling, but his dorm room on the lawn has been preserved and accessible to the public for visitors to view.

University of Virginia Acceptance Rate

University of Virginia admissions have an acceptance rate that is 22.6 percent and earlier admission rates of 20.6 percent. Most applicants accepted to UVA can provide an SAT score between 1320 and 1510 and an ACT score of between 30 and 34.

Below are what is the acceptance rate for the University of Virginia throughout the years:

YearsAcceptance Rate

2017 27.3%

2018 26.4%

2019 23.9%

2020 – 2021 22.6%

However, one-quarter of applicants accepted to UVA had scores above the specified ranges, and one quarter scored lower than the score specified. 

The deadline to apply is in January. 1. The cost to apply to the University of Virginia is $75.

The University of Virginia’s 2022 rank

The University of Virginia is ranked:

  • 25th spot on the National University (tie)
  • #9 in Top Colleges for Veterans
  • #71 in the Top Undergraduate Faculty (tie)

University of Virginia Transfer Acceptance Rate

The University of Virginia welcomes applications from students who want to change schools or colleges. Accredited colleges and universities.

Transfer students are an integral part of the University’s community and are a major contributor to academic and extracurricular life on the Grounds.

Each year, over 1500 students attend. One-quarter of them are older than the norm, and the remaining third are not part of The Virginia Community College System. This is because the University of Virginia adheres to the state Policy regarding transfer.

In the past, the University of Virginia had received 2801 transfer applicants.

The school admitted 1039 students. This means that the acceptance rate of transfer students at the University of Virginia is 37.09 percent.

This shows how difficult it is to gain admission to the University of Virginia.

Student Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Grants

It’s a fact that there is no doubt that the University of Virginia is accessible cheap, affordable, and even feasible. With AccessUVa Virginia’s financial aid program, once accepted, they’ll help you ease the financial burden of attending college and let the chance to study available to you.

University of Virginia Transfer Acceptance Application Requirements

The minimum grade Minimum GPA required of the transfer student is 2.00. The average GPA of accepted applicants is 3.5.

Official transcripts have to be provided to every college you’ve ever attended. There is no requirement to send the college’s Common Application’s Secondary School Report, Official Report, and the Instructor Evaluation is not a requirement.

SAT scores Students are required to take one of the tests, either SAT or ACT with writing. they’ll permit you to bypass the requirement for the test when you’ve been exiled out of secondary school for more than five years.

Letters of recommendation The Common Application’s Secondary School Report, Official Report, and the instructor Evaluation are not required. Proof of good standing from your previous institution is required.

Essay: The essays are due on the Common Application, as well as on the supplemental Application of Transfer.

Cost of Application: There is a fee of $ 60 that is non-refundable.

Interviews: Interviews are not required to be considered.

Fill Out This Form To Transfer to the University of Virginia

University of Virginia Transfer Credit Policy

The minimum grade they typically offer is the credit of all classes offered by an accredited institution that is taken with a grade of C or better, which can be a class that can be incorporated into our curriculum in both the contents and the value of the credit.

Credits (Min/Max): You must possess 9 transferable credits to be eligible to be able to transfer. You must earn 60 credits at UVA to get the bachelor’s diploma. The maximum amount of credits accepted is 60 hours of credit during a semester.

The University of Virginia Frequently asked questions and answers.

What’s my chance of being considered?

We typically accept between 20 and 30 percent of new applicants who would like to join UVA during the fall.

The admission process for the spring semester is more competitive. You may apply for the spring semester planning to enroll in the College of Arts & Sciences, Architectural History, or Urban and Environmental Planning.

We receive over 300 applications for 35 spots in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

A few slots are available for a few of those in the Architectural History and Urban and Environmental Planning programs.

Do you want to check my high school grades and colleges, or just college courses?

We also examine our High School transcript and your college transcripts when you apply for admission as a student in your second year. 

If you’re a third-year student, we’ll look at your college courses.

Are the SAT or ACT required to be able to get admission?

Submission of SAT and ACT results isn’t necessary for students who have transferred.

If you’re an international student, do I need to sit for the TOEFL test?

The TOEFL or tests for IELT is highly suggested for people looking to prove English is their main language and you didn’t have a high school education in an English class.

Do you know the typical GPA for students accepted in the transfer program?

The average college GPA for students who have been transferred is 3.5. Admissions procedures don’t solely depend on the GPA of students, however.

 Correctly listing the courses on your transcripts of academics is crucial.

Do I need to submit the portfolio portion to the School of Architecture?

Only if you’re attempting to gain admission to the Architecture program. Students interested in studying Architectural History and Urban and Environmental Planning are not required to submit a portfolio.

It is possible to upload an online portfolio via The Common Application. Common Application permits the upload of your work using Slideroom.

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What students from Virginia Community College do you accept?

The majority of students enrolling in the fall started their studies within the Virginia Community College System.

What percentage that applicants get accepted?

The University has pledged to keep the average of 2/3 of Virginia residents in their student enrollment; however, nearly two-thirds of applicants are from other states.

Thus, the price we charge Virginia residents is typically higher than our rates for students, not residents of this state. We took in 28 percent of Virginia residents and 17% of students who weren’t Virginians in the last year.

How do you define inheritance? What are the implications of inheritance status on admission?

A Legacy student is a child that is a step-parent, parent or an adoptive parent is a person with education at UVA. 

The status of a Legacy is recognized in the process of reviewing. Legacy estates outside Virginia must pay for the tuition outside of the state tuition rate.

What’s the best method of switching schools after you’re accepted?

You can send an email addressed to the Dean of Admission Greg Roberts to ask for a change to the school.

What is the amount of curiosity that is considered during the selection process?

Non. Once your application has been examined and read, They will not take into consideration any previous interaction as a determining factor in the assessment.

What are the chances of being admitted? Should I be on the waitlist?

They’ll give you complete information about the waitlist process and figures from previous years.

Are you a lover of candidates who opt for either the SAT instead of the ACT?

Tests are not mandatory for 2021-22 or 2022-22 applications and applicants cannot choose between SAT and the ACT.

What exactly do I have to do to accept your invitation to be a member?

You may take advantage of the admission offer by depositing the non-refundable admission deposit on the student’s account.

Do I have the option of taking classes abroad during the beginning of my first year at UVA?

Students accepted into the College of Arts and Sciences might be eligible for admission to UVA London First or UVA Valencia First.

Do I set up the interview?

Prospective students can visit the campus for an informational session as well as a tour, but as stated earlier, the University does not provide interviews.

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