What is the best scholarship essay structure and format?

A lot of grants require at least one essay. Perhaps you’ve done that. However, now you’re thinking about how your essay should be written? Should it be single-spaced or double-spaced? Should you include the title? Do you need to include the prompt? What would an average scholarship essay format appear like?

You don’t have to worry about formatting your essay when you apply to Going Merry ( we’ll organize and format the application on your behalf by filling out the pre-filled form! ). Maybe you’re applying for other scholarships as well. Therefore, we’re here to assist you with the format of your scholarship application.

Where should I start?

You’ll have to explore an intimate experience or tell your story of success or activity of interest to the person offering you the scholarship and present your story by writing a well-organized and informative essay. Write out an outline for your paper (this may be old-fashioned writing with a pen or paper! ). Then, you write it down, after which you must ensure that you’ve formatted your essay professionally and correctly. (Need more scholarship essay tips? Check these out.)

Does a scholarship essay require an introduction?

It all depends on the format used for essays.

If you have an entry in a text box, it is possible to duplicate and copy the text of your essay, minus the title. This is the situation when, for instance, seeking scholarships via Going MerryCreate an account.

If you’re attaching the essay in a Word or PDF file, you can also include an introduction, but this is not required unless you have specific formatting guidelines for scholarship essays for doing so. (One most common reason you could have to include a title is when the essay prompt requires you to write about any subject that you like or to pick your own topic. In this instance, to provide your reader with an understanding of the topic before beginning the essay writing process, an introduction could be useful.)

If you’re required to come up with a title, we suggest you do one of the following:

  1. Create a title from the beginning on. Note that title down and then write your essay and then return to the title, tweaking it as you need to.


      2. Make your writing essay and decide on an appropriate title. Your imagination may come alive when you’ve responded to the question and include the flesh and potatoes of your essay. This will aid you in coming up with an appropriate title at the conclusion.

Also, don’t stress! While a clever title might help the quality of your writing, it’s not the deciding factor. A descriptive title that sums up the question will work, so the essay is robust.

In addition, you don’t have to put the essay prompt or essay question on the front of the essay. The committee for scholarships will know what the subject or prompt is!

(Want to get some ideas from successful applicants? Check out these winning scholarship essays.)

What should an essay for a scholarship be written? What font should I use?

If you’re writing an essay in an image to submit onto your going Merry profile or submit to a scholarship application via the website of a service provider or application form, and the provider of the scholarship does not provide specific guidelines, it’s recommended to stick to a professional style and the format. This means you should use 1-inch page margins with a 12-point font that is double spaced (or 1.5 spaces) as well as using a “standard” font like Times New Roman in classic (default) black. Do not experiment using colors or fonts here. The contents of your essay are to be the thing that stands out and not your unconventional style of formatting.

How should an essay for scholarship be written? What is a good outline or template?

There’s no universal answer on how to write an effective scholarship essay. In fact, you will observe how diverse the essay contests are. How you best structure and answer your essay will depend on the essay and also on your writing style.

But, a typical way to structure the scholarship application is how the Going Merry recipient John Flowers Jr did it. Here’s the outline/template:

  1. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs): Draw your readers in with an intriguing opening line that is related to the question. Present the main points you’ll discuss in the essay.
  • Example of an opening statement from a Going Merry scholarship winner: “My parents were never given a shot at having an education beyond high school.”This provides us with information about the child’s family and how they might have impacted the child’s decision to go to college and set the foundation for the essay.
  • Introduction: “My parents were never offered the chance to pursue an education that went beyond high school. They never had an opportunity to showcase their full potential and make an impact in the world. They were forced to begin their lives from a young age. I’d like to do well in college, both for my own sake and also for them. It is my wish that they feel satisfied with me for completing the things they were not capable of accomplishing. .” John’s appreciation of what his parents were required to do and how they didn’t get an opportunity to attend college. John also conveys his determination and desire to attend college to help his parents.

         2. Body (1-3 paragraphs) In addition, you should expand on the main ideas. Support your arguments by citing examples, evidence, and figures. It is a good idea to provide details about how you came up to the point you’re in now as well as what motivated your interests or the motivation towards college as well as how the award will assist you in reaching your academic or personal goals. Make sure you use specific details rather than making general assertions!

      3. Final (1 paragraph) Tell us why this scholarship could assist you in reaching your objectives (and possibly have a larger impact on the community)

  • An excerpt from John’s concluding remarks: “Winning this scholarship will be a huge benefit to me as it will enable me to address the costs of college that could hinder me from pursuing my goals in a career. Not having to worry about college costs will enable me to pay for the classes in order to earn credits and not think about how I’ll pay for the course.” John explains: John discusses how valuable this scholarship will be for him, not only financially but also how it will assist him in achieving his goals.

The format of the scholarship essay at an encapsulation

  • Review the guidelines for writing an essay for scholarships attentively, making sure to verify whether the scholarship has guidelines.
  • If you’re submitting your paper outside going through the Going Merry platform, set your essay with a 1-inch margin.
  • Try to get a font of 12 points.
  • The most popular font to use is Times New Roman. Other fonts that are worth considering include Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, and Verdana.
  • Always seek out another opinion regarding the format of your scholarship essay for punctuation, grammar, spelling, and structure.
  • Follow the steps for submitting your scholarship essay

Should essay submissions for scholarships be double-spaced?

It’s likely that you’ve double-spaced your high school essays. Since space between lines will make your essays more accessible, using 1.5-spacing and double spacing is an excellent option if you’re attaching your essay in a Word pdf or Word. However, unless the institution has provided the necessary information, this isn’t required.

The most important thing is never to make your essay a single paragraph. We recommend breaking up paragraphs when you’re beginning an idea or thought.

For essays for scholarships that focus on Going Merry, you won’t have to think about the formatting since we take care of it for you when you make an application via our platform.

Start writing!

We’re sure you’ll succeed by following these scholarship essay formatting guidelines, so let’s get started on the task! It is recommended to begin creating your essays as soon as you can so that you have enough time to go through your essay. Ask someone (like parents, guidance counselor, or friend) to edit your essay, and ensure you send it in time. (On Going Merry, we’ll notify you of deadline reminders for your most-loved programs and drafts to ensure you don’t miss deadlines!)

If you’re ready to submit an application to be considered for scholarships, join Going Merry! You’ll be able to create a no-cost student profile, fill in your details once, and then we’ll match you to many scholarships that you can apply for with just clicking one button. Do not worry about filling in your details twice. We’ll do it for you!

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