What is Web Hosting? What is a Domain?| Beginner Guide

Whenever you hear someone talk of creating a new website, the first thing that comes out of their mouth is, I need a domain name and a Webhosting. The question now is, what is a domain name and Webhosting. Assuming a 5year old walks up to you and ask you that question, how will you answer?

Well, let try to answer the question in a way our 70 years old granny and our five years old kid brother will understand.

First, what is a Domain Name

Domain name: 

A domain name is your website address on the internet.

Ok, let me explain further, but before I do, let me tell you how this blog post came about. I was researching a topic I wanted to do a video on, and in every tutorial, I come across, this guys will explain to me what a domain name and a Webhosting are but using the same example, which is a house and its address. I did not find that easy to understand because where I grow up, we used the biggest or most popular thing in our area to tell someone where we live. So I said, let me try something else

I will be using two methods to explain this; you may find it interesting or maybe not; whatever the case, let me know in the comment section.

Ok to better explain what a domain name is, let

Think of the internet as a SIM with so many phones number, and in other for you to call anyone in that list of numbers, you will need to be able to identify the phone number of the person you want to reach. But it can be pretty challenging to have the number stored in your brain, so for you to quickly identify and remember a specific number in that SIM, you will need to give each phone number in that SIM a unique name. So your domain name is like the name given to a specific number on that SIM card, and no two numbers can have the same name because that will be confusing.

Every website has a string of seemingly random numbers known as IP address to identify it, linked to the domain name. It makes communication possible, just like the phone number, which connects to the name to help identify it.

So when you register a domain name, it is like saving a new contact to your phone. You take the long and difficult to memories number and give it a simple name that you can type in anytime you want to call that number. Like typing mommy to Put a call through to mommy; when you type your domain name and hit enter, Your computer sends a request to a bunch of servers that make up the domain name server(DNS) and brings up your website.



Webhosting is an online storage center that allows you to rent space on the internet to store information, images, videos, and other content that make up your website.

To better explain this, let take the case of a physical business; for you to start up a physical business, you will need a space to store your goods, you can either rent space in the market where it will be exposed and accessible for the customer to find it or you keep it in your house where only you and your family will know you are having that good.

see this post: What is a URL?

Same with a website for you to create a website, files and data need to be physically stored on a computer connected to the internet for you to go public. This is a most, but if you can’t afford to rent a space on the internet for some reason, you can host your website locally. In this case, only you will be able to see your website.

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